medPlan solutions was founded in 2018 as a digital health company committed to promoting health education and providing easy-to-use software and hardware digital health solutions. 

Our first software digital health product “medPlan mobile app” was launched in 2018 as a medication reminder mobile application.After months of research and user feedback, medPlan was relaunched in 2019 as a 24/7 mobile health companion which empowers individuals to use the right information to make timely health decisions thus encouraging them to actively manage their personal health.

The Journey

medPlan solutions was founded out of inspiration and a strong desire to expedite the development and facilitate the use of digital health technologies in Africa. This passion was stoked after observing the heavy burden on the healthcare system which affected the quality of care and patients treatment outcome. A high level of health illiteracy was observed amongst a majority of individuals, which in turn led to even poorer health outcomes and rising rates of morbidity and mortality. We therefore came to a conclusion that a major instrument which could help reduce this burden on the healthcare system is the active use of digital health technologies in the healthcare system. 

With our unique and innovative digital health solutions, we’ve been able to address these problems.


  •  First we tackle health illiteracy by empowering individuals with information which helps them make lifestyle modifications critical to their health, which in turn reduces their risk for developing diseases.
  • We also provide personalized mobile health (mHealth) apps and digital health devices which gives individuals more control over their health and aids individualized disease monitoring.
  • Through our mobile app we provide 24/7 access to licensed Healthcare professionals, thus making quality and affordable healthcare services readily available to the average smartphone user at the click of a finger.
  • Research : At medPlan solutions we carry out research on digital health solutions and provide Clinicians and researchers with evidence based data to help them better understand patient behavior and improve healthcare outcomes. 


From inception in 2018 till date, medPlan has achieved the following milestones:

1. Beneficiary of the 2018 Edo State Startup Fund (EDSUF) grant of $1300.

2. Top 30 tech startups winners of the African App Launchpad initiative 2020, for young African startups.

3. One of the selected research papers invited to Ghana for a poster presentation at the West African Postgraduate College of Pharmacist (WAPCP) scientific symposium and Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2020.

4. Research paper published in the Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research (TJPR)

5. Positive impact in over 3100 lives across United States, United Kingdom, Nigeria, Canada, India, Brazil, Egypt and a host of other countries

We are one of the fastest growing digital health companies in Africa touching lives. Our journey to helping people become health literate and fostering healthier communities never ends!

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