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medPlan solutions is a digital health company committed to promoting health education and providing easy-to-use software and hardware digital health solutions for everyone.

We also provide clinicians and researchers with meaningful data which help them better understand patient behavior and improve healthcare outcomes.

Our focus.

Health illiteracy, Patient lack of control over their health and a limited access to quality and affordable healthcare services. These three things have been identified through our data driven research at medPlan solutions as latent factors contributing to the rising rates of morbidity and mortality globally. Thus at medPlan solutions we focus on:

mHealth solutions

Provision of smart and innovative mobile health solutions to address various health challenges, reduce healthcare costs and improve health outcomes.

Digital health devices

Provision of personalized digital health devices such as wearables and health monitors which would give individuals more control over their health and improve health outcomes.

Health education

Promotion of health education which would improve individuals capacity to obtain, process and understand information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions.


At medPlan solutions, we carry out research on digital health solutions and provide clinicians and researchers with evidence based data to help them better understand patient behavior and improve healthcare outcomes.

Our team.

PharmDr. Lisa Mote
Founder and CEO
Engr. John Mote
Co-founder and CTO
PharmDr. Marian Okoh
Brand marketer and COO
Destiny Job
UI/UX designer
Arthur Glanville
Software Engineer


medPlan mobile health companion

Our state-of-the-art mobile health companion empowers individuals to use the right information to make timely health decisions thus encouraging them to actively manage their personal health.

medPlan has helped users better monitor their health vitals such as blood pressure, blood glucose levels, cholesterol, weight, daily calories etc., manage and improve adherence to medications and improve their overall health.

Features of the app

  • Timely medication reminders
  • Timely medical appointment reminders
  • Health vitals tracker such as blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol, weight, daily steps etc.
  • Health quiz
  • Daily health tips.
  • Health diary
  • Medication Use History
  • Get care- talk to a doctor (upcoming feature)

medPlan app features

...your 24/7 health companion
Medication reminder
medication (2)

We understand that managing a number of medication therapies can be difficult. Our medication reminder eases this difficulty by providing you with prompt audio and visual reminders of your medications at the right time. You never have to miss that pill again.

Medical appointment reminder

Missed medical appointments due to forgetfulness is a common occurrence in medical practice and could have terrible health consequences. Our medical appointment reminders keeps you abreast of all your hospital appointments with specific details such as clinic name, physicians name, date and time of appointment. Missing medical appointments just became a thing of the past.

Health vitals tracker
blood pressure

To live a healthy life, it is important to check vitals and keep tab on your health regularly. Adults vital signs need to be measured and monitored far often than at your doctors visit. Our health vital monitor helps you keep tab on your blood pressure, blood glucose, pulse rate, temperature, respiratory rate, weight, and lots more.

Health quiz

How well do you know about your basic health? Our health trivia puts your health knowledge to the test. Topics in the health trivia include infertility, common cold, malaria, psychology, memory loss, pregnancy, preconception, cough, human anatomy and so much more.

Health news feed

Our health news feed provides you with the most current health information from trustworthy health authorities. Our information covers breakthroughs in health, health tips, result of clinical trials, health facts and lots more.

Health diary
health info

Keeping track of your health history helps you to be an informed patient. A personal health journal helps you stay healthy. In addition, certain practitioners recommend patients keep a health journal for a given amount of time to help identify issues, track treatment progress or just get a better understanding of the patients daily activity and medication use.


I found medPlan app to be very helpful to me during my pregnancy. It helped me manage my medications while keeping track of my blood pressure and weight.
Sophia Ajoku
Fashion designer
Lagos, Nigeria
This is an excellent health app with an easy to use interface. The health tips are an excellent means to stay health-informed.

Fiki Nessa
Michigan USA
Best health app I have used so far. The health quiz had me glued to my phone, learning in a rather fun way.

Obinna Nwajagu
Software developer
Delta, Nigeria
I take a number of medications at different times of the day which fast became complex and difficult for me to manage. However, medPlan has helped organized my medications and I never have to worry about missing a pill again.
Ralph Onuwabhagbe
Industrial Chemist
Lagos NIgeria
I love the way medPlan logs my medication use history while providing me with a health diary to document my personal health experiences.

Marvelous Ojo
Benin, Nigeria

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A digital health company committed to promoting health education and providing easy-to-use software and hardware digital health solutions for everyone.


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